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Welcome to Just Anim8!

Children and young people aged 2-15 continually need engaging, entertaining, and relevant content that can broaden horizons, challenge minds, and create riotous, laugh-out-loud moments!

We're here to create that content.

On this page, you shall find an outline diagram of our typical workflow.

Below that, you shall find an overview of some of our own IP projects in development.

Our Services.

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In Development.

Cheeky sisters, raining marbles, seasick seashells, and marshmallow comets.

Welcome to Flo’s World!

Flo's World follows the adventures of Flo, a regular girl who hops between worlds on misadventures large and small.

A 52-episode, 5-minute 2D Series for Ages 4 - 6 Girls / Boys
Mercy and Dillon are the Crafty Chickens, two headphone-wearing, music-listening characters, who learn about different materials and how they are used while getting into silly adventures in the classroom and beyond!

Stop-motion cross-media project for pre-schoolers.

52 x 5 min episodes being developed for season one + app + interactive content.
The Mood Brood follows six friends on their journey through puberty towards young adulthood.

The series tells the tales of the fiery ups and blue downs of friendship that will help these six through the easy and hard times ahead.

A 52-episode 5-minute 2D / mixed media series for ages 9-12 boys/girls, currently in early development.
Stella STEAM follows the adventures of 14-year old inventor Stella, a regular girl who wants to use her amazing skills in science, tech, engineering, arts, and mathematics to solve local and global problems while keeping up with the challenges and joys of friendships and family.

A 52-episode, 7-minute 2D animated series for girls aged 6-10 + adventure book series + interactive web content.
Caly and Flo Book Series
Caly and Flo Book Series
From the pages of Grandma's photo album to an amazing and fun time at the carnival, a magical blue feather takes the sisters, Calypso and Flo, on a fantastic journey of music, dancing, colour, family and sisterhood.

Our forthcoming series of books, , titled Caly and Flo, follow the adventures of our two intrepid sisters, as they embark on more adventures thanks to a little bright magical blue feather. They are joined by their Grandma, who, through the wonderous pages of her photo album, sets the scenes for Caly and Flo's adventures. Watch our short promo video below.
To find out more about our IP developments, click this button get in touch using our contact form. 
We'd love to hear from you.

About Us.

Seymour Lavine - Founder and Director
Victor Opeyokun - Associate Producer 
Kelly Palmer - Associate Designer
Our Story.
At Just Anim8 we have a passion for storytelling, developing concepts that range from nurturing, quirky and fun, to simply outrageous, and creating adventurous worlds for a diverse range of characters.

Just Anim8 began life creating animated content for a range of clients' marketing and awareness-raising needs, which allowed us to help other companies and organisations succeed in their objectives while honing our skills in establishing production pipelines. We also delivered animation workshops with children of all ages (yes, that includes adults!), helping to develop skills and enthusiasm for creating all kinds of characters and stories.

We then adopted a cross-media approach, realising the value of content creation across various platforms, and began to develop our own short-form content intended for print, web, and digital platforms.

Our excellent relationships with schools and parents, built up over several years, means that we co-create our concepts with children to realise authentic characters, stories and worlds.
Our Mission and Vision.
Our Mission
We’re developing a range of IP focusing on interactive media for pre-school through to tweens ages (2 - 12), including books, animation for web and broadcast, and mixed media, as well as apps and games. Character diversity and inclusivity are central to the development of our concepts and fully-formed IP.

For us, diversity in children's media refers to broadening the representation of people from the widest possible range of backgrounds and situations, in original, substantive, and meaningful portrayals. We don't do this to tick boxes, we do this because we believe that thoughtful diversity needs to become the norm in real life and that needs to reflected in children's media. We also believe it is the right thing to do for children.
Our Vision
Our vision is for character diversity and inclusivity in children’s media to become the norm, rather than the exception. This involves working with strong writers and visual artists to develop high quality concepts.
Contact Us.
Correspondence Address:
Just Anim8
Room 312b, 3rd Floor,
St. George's House,
6 St. George's Way,
Leicester, Leicestershire,
United Kingdom 
Tel: 44 116 478 8103
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